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New Valve Exerciser Machine Adaptor

Nobel Systems’ new Valve Exerciser Machine adaptor allows you to view information transferred from your valve machine directly into our iPad GIS solution, GeoViewer Mobile.

This adaptor, taps into the Valve Exercise Machine and extracts the Turns, Torque and Direction when the machine is exercising the valve. The information is automatically populated into the valve GIS data in the iPad and synchronized with GeoViewer Online.

It doesn’t require any special software to be installed, and it communicates directly with the machine itself through the latest Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

This adaptor works with Pacific Tek valve exerciser machines. Contact Nobel Systems for more information at 909-963-0787, Dave Manuwa or send an email to

New GeoViewer Mobile Release

Nobel Systems has redesigned GeoViewer Mobile from the ground up to offer customers with the best possible experience, sporting an exciting new interface and new features. While the user interface has been changed to allow the users to more easily focus on their work, it is still intuitive enough that anyone will be able to pick up the new GeoViewer Mobile and start using it immediately.

The new GeoViewer Mobile offers many new tools, a modern look and feel and an optimized engine that operates much quicker.

Realizing the power of GeoViewer Mobile as a mobile GIS App, many new requests for tools have come to help optimize daily tasks. Clients have requested tools that allowed them to handle more of their daily work, manage their time and provide them with information on the go. Some of the new tools include: vehicle tracking, monitoring of their SCADA systems, tracking valves in odd states, receiving and completing service orders, creating overtime requests and maintaining a users’ daily log.

GeoViewer Mobile

Michael Samuel receives the Exporter of the Year Award

Nobel Systems

Michael was named Exporter Of The Year, in 2015

Our CEO Michael Samuel received the Exporter of the Year award for his accomplishment, leadership, and support of U.S. exports. He stated, “I’m really surprised and humbled by it.” During his acceptance speech, Samuel expressed his appreciation for the U.S. Department of Commerce, and laughed about getting business in the Netherlands through connections he gained in Indonesia.

Watch Video Exporter of the Year Award

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