GeoViewer Mobile for iPad

GeoViewer Mobile for iPad is easy to use and was designed with the field worker and manager in mind.  GeoViewer for iPad brings the incredible and distinct Apple user experience to life, giving municipalities and utility districts easy access to critical business data anywhere anytime.    After popular demand, Nobel has merged the iPad and GeoViewer products to create a clean, clear, easy to use graphical map interface online, anywhere, anytime.  An app that can change the way we work in the field by increasing the flow of critical operations information between the office and the field.


GeoViewer for iPad can connect to your existing ERP business systems.  Integrate your  SCADA, CMMS, CIS, GPS, LIMS, and other enterprise systems. The application provides easy to use workflows to manage information ranging from open work orders from CMMS to viewing latest SCADA measurements on telemetry equipment.  Enterprise integration with GeoViewer for iPad puts the power of your business data into the hands of the people who need operations data in a hurry.