GeoViewer Online
GeoViewer Online brings all of the power and functionality of high end GIS to the web. Users can securely access your GIS data using Internet Explorer from any PC with an internet connection. With it’s powerful, yet intuitive user interface, GeoViewer Online will allow users to effectively use the GIS without extensive training.

GeoViewer Online will allow organizations to maximize their Return on Investment in GIS data by delivering data throughout the organization. GeoViewer Online also can serve as the base for a true enterprise GIS; we can link virtually any existing data set into GeoViewer Online. Examples that current customers use include customer/billing data, vehicle tracking data, SCADA interfaces, and many more.

GeoViewer Online includes simple, yet powerful search and query tools, one-step mailing label generation, and advanced printing options. GeoViewer Online also includes a number of customizable reporting options, so you can set up frequently used forms on the system so users can generate accurate forms with data and maps from the GIS with a few simple mouse clicks.

GeoViewer Online can be installed on your servers or hosted by Nobel Systems – you choose whatever meets your needs and capabilities! Contact us for more information.

Click here to download the GeoViewer Online brochure in PDF format.

GeoViewer 8
GeoViewer 8 provides advanced GIS functionality with a user-friendly interface.

GeoViewer 8 was designed from the ground up with the end user in mind. Our goal was to bring some of the high-end GIS tools found in more complex applications to users – without the need for extensive (and expensive) training. GeoViewer 8 is built using the power of ESRI’s ArcGIS, and has tools for the daily tasks users need to do much simpler.

GeoViewer 8 also has the flexibility to be used as a field data collection tool. Users can easily add in maintenance data or even add point features to the Geodatabase – right there in the field! Automated syncing software ensures that data collected in the field gets back into the main data set correctly -every time!

Use GeoViewer 8 for:

  • Viewing complex data sets
  • Making custom maps with flexible annotation tools
  • Generating radius maps and mailing labels
  • Planning shutdowns and outages
  • Running simple or complex queries
  • Gathering data in the field
  • And much, much more!